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We all understand the importance of the role air ducts play in our homes and business buildings. The problem is, with time, they develop dirt, debris, dust and mold, which spreads and compromises the health of your family and the air conditioning (HVAC) system. Air ducts act as corridors for your heating, ventilation, and HVAC system’s supply of heated or cooled air in your home. Cleaning air ducts is one of the most reliable ways to make your home healthier to live.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning refers to the activity of removing debris, dirt, dust, and all types of contaminants stuck in your AC system ductwork. The importance of cleaning air ducts can’t be underestimated as they play the role of your home’s respiratory system.

The locations of some ductworks are far from sight such as on-top of the ceiling or behind walls. This makes cleaning these duct units easily forgettable, especially following the required cleaning routine. The consequence of such negligence is the circulation of bad quality air indoors.

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Why is it Important to Clean Air Ducts?

Indoor Air Quality Enhancement: The air circulating inside your home or business building passes via the dirty, debris-filled and mold-infested ducts, and this is the same air anyone living or passing time inside, breathes. This implies that if the ducts stay without being thoroughly cleaned, they will develop allergens like pollen and pet dander and return to your home through registers. They may as well not be hazardous particles to your health. However, anyone suffering from allergies, asthma, or related respiratory illnesses may get sicker from them.

Decreases the Cost of running: Early maintenance is key to every HVAC unit. If you hire professional cleaners to handle the cleaning and removal of blockages from your air ducts regularly, the results will be a reduced overall running cost of the system. If the duct supplies improved airflow, know that your heating and cooling system consumes less electrical energy and hence incurring a little cost. The cleaner the ductwork, the higher the energy efficiency! The better the performance, the higher your HVAC unit’s lifespan! All these amounts to a reduced running cost.

Increase energy efficiency: Any HVAC system components that contain debris and dust don’t perform as much they should. For ducts that are clogged, the ability of your furnace and air conditioner to perform smoothly will be limited, hence consuming energy beyond normal. Air duct cleaning is an ideal away to get rid of pollutants, thereby keeping the air duct performance at the highest level.

Limits technical complications: Cleaning is the best way to keep a ventilation system free from dirt to avoid air conditioner coils clogging or blower wheels getting contaminated. This helps the unit not to develop costly, hard-to-fix, and avoidable complications. Regular cleaning is the pathway to a long-lasting HVAC system.

Air Duct Cleaning Mint Hill NC

How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

When air duct cleaning specialists show up, this is how they handle the duct cleaning project:

  1. The cleaners begin with a professional inspection of your ducts. They may drill a few holes into your ductwork for the exercise and seal them back later.
  2. The professional duct cleaners will clean away debris and dust using a powerful large vacuum.
  3. The insert manual or motorized brushes inside the ducts for cleaning.
  4. Sucking up all debris stuck on the pipes using the vacuums.
  5. Cleaning the heating/cooling unit.
  6. Finally, the cleaners seal the hole and clean the vent’s cover.

How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts?

NADCA’s recommendation for cleaning vents and ducts is every three to five years. Also, some other factors can push you to have a slightly frequent cleaning routine. NADCA also adds that for homeowners that have pets or smoke, cleaning air ducts more regularly is ideal. If someone in your home is a victim of allergies or chronic lung issues, do frequent cleaning.

Are you looking for a local professional air duct cleaning company that can turn your dirty, dusty and mold-infested air ducts into a great source of fresh, clean indoor air? Look no further! We’re the best choice to improve your home’s HVAC system. Making sure your family or workers breathe the quality air they deserve is the ideal thing to do, and our air duct cleaners are readily available to help you realize that.

Our Services
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Amazing Air Duct in Mint Hill also provides professional Dryer Vent Cleaning. Dryer Vent Cleaning is a service that is recommended yearly to ensure a safe and efficient home. Amazing Air Duct are properly trained and certified to inspect your air ducts or dryer vent for health and fire hazards. We offer several more services besides this so that we can provide you with want you need.

Air Duct Replacment

Air Duct Replacment

Air duct replacement service provided by us is an integral part of our integrated air duct services. We not only  ensure that your air ducts are clean from bacteria, mold and dust, we want to make sure you air duct supporting the efficiency HVAC system. If one of the air ducts is damaged in some way, your air conditioner will not work sufficiently and will waste unnecessary energy.

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